Honda CRF150: We're mad for mini motards!

We're starting with the basics: clean and inspect everything.

Thanks to our friends at Fineline Suspension, we're set with a proper rear spring and completely re-worked forks. The rear shock is said to be pertty good for this application, so we're trying it first before we step all the way up to a custom unit.

Here's the rear suspension completed. It's important all the linkage works smoothly, so all the bearings are re-lubed and all new seals installed.

Now it's starting to look like a bike again. There are a couple things here a sharp-eyed CRF racer might notice (besides that trick CHM pipe... we can get you one too) but we're not giving away our secrets just yet.

Here's stage 1 completed. The bike has been to one test session so far: it raised a few eyebrows when we were easily pulling away from the other 150's... as well as a modded 200! Other riders were surprised when we told them this engine is still competely stock inside! (It really is: the head has never been off and the cam is stock.)

Here's a closer look. The airbox cover is an obvious change, but can you tell what else is different? We can build you one just like it.

Watch this space! There's more to this project, plus we're getting another, much sicker CR/XR hybrid in for some chassis work any day now.